Party In The Pews


Peer Feedback

To summarise the feedback given, I put the notes into 3 categories, pros, mixed and cons.

Overall, people seemed to like the colour choices, with some exceptions, the effects used such as shadows and blurs, clarity of the text, white sponsor section, space well used, good font choices.

The cons of the design were: Adult and Child headings were a bit harder to read, too many filters? (Im confused by this comment as no filters were used, all design elements were personally created), part of the logo was a bit odd, referring to the extended Y providing integration with the ‘in the’ and the colours made the design less exciting.


During the research process, I was able to look an many different examples allowing me to perfect my vision for how I wanted the final product to look, by researching many different areas, from different festival branding, the use of colours and what each colour means, different pattern designers, AR and how its used in different industries and audio research, listening to each track and rating a random selection of 4 tracks in an easy to understand way, researching has been key to creating the finalĀ 


Within this section, I focused on getting all of my ideas together and trying to create the final vision of how I wanted everything to look ensuring it met the project brief, I did this by creating 2 mood boards, 1 as the main overall moldboard, and a second just on the social media aspect of this project, this allowed me to get a better idea on the industry and how they represent their festivals. I also experimented with different patterns, creating a total of 6 different ones and seeing which ones would be the most versatile and complimentary to the brand image, I also looked at a selection of fonts to use within the design, picking a final 2 to use through the project, this allowed the brand’s identity to stay consistent and recognisable, along with ensuring that the font allows for text legibility and keeping in mind accessibility. I learnt quite a bit from this process, allowing me to take a step back, and prepare things before beginning; this overall helped me save time and allowed me to go through fewer revisions.

Pre Production

With the Preproduction segment, I showed the overall progress of the project, remembering to export in stages, showing the overall progress and the information on why each step has been taken has been written underneath each stage. This section has also been categorised for easy access.


Creating the final product was challenging as I see myself as a perfectionist, perfecting every pixel to ensure the best final results, now in this section, I showcased where each asset was intended to be used.


Overall, whilst taking quite some time, this project sure has tested my abilities, from creating unique designs with interesting effects whilst also trying to create a recognisable brand image for the festival, I believe I have been able to achieve the client’s desires whilst making sure everything is accessible, targeted to the wanted wide audience whilst keeping a professional look.

Areas that I found I didn’t quite like was the audio section, this is mainly due to my lack of interest in this field; though I might not like it, it was still a good experience, pushing me that bit further and bringing me out of my comfort zone.