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Who is E.ON Next?

E.On Next is a UK energy company providing gas and electric, with 100% renewable energy being provided to homes and businesses with their fixed tariff plans across the country. Backed by the E.On group, a well known and reliable energy provider, keeps customers feeling confident with who their provider is; Before E.On Next, they were npower, but after the acquisition of Innogy, npower then proceeded to change to E.On Nex in November 2019,  and they started moving customers over in July 2020.

Visual Identity

E.On Next has a modern and fresh visual identity, it has a playful yet professional look with up to date graphics easily distinguishable to the brand and a strong vibrant colour palette with plenty of colours too.


Octopus Energy is a UK based renewable energy supplier often rated the best, to strengthen their position in the market, they have also won numerous Which Buy awards. Founded in 2015, the company used innovative technology throughout their company such as using it to offer competitive pricing and efficient services to its users based on data analysis; what Octopus strive for is their commitment to providing 100% renewable energy whilst also investing in renewable energy projects doing their part in helping to keep climate change under control. One key factor that customers love is their approach to billing, keeping transparency and a customer-friendly approach, earning recognition for their outstanding customer service.

OVO energy, a leading UK energy supplier has been providing the country with affordable and sustainable energy solutions since 2009; providing a wide variety of tariffs including renewable energy options, this allows them to provide their customers with a wide variety of options including environmentally friendly tariffs too. OVO Energy makes customer satisfaction their priority which has overall lead to them achieving multiple awards solely based on customer satisfaction. Moving slightly away energy providing, OVO also offers a diverse range of services spanning from start home technology solutions and EV charging options.

EDF Energy is a UK energy company classed as one of the largest producers of carbon neutral energy, they are French owned by EDF standing for Électricité de France. There production network constitutes of nuclear power plants, wind and solar allowing them to saturate our grid with lots of carbon neutral energy. They also satisfy their customers by providing fixed tariffs, energy hubs and incentives for EV owners.

British Gas, a well-known provider in the UK energy market has been providing electricity and gas to their clients since 1997. They offer a wide variety of tariffs, including renewable energy options, this is done to cater to their diverse customer base, though, because of that, they may face issues with flexibility and legacy systems within their current network but despite this, British Gas still remains a main energy provider in the UK market.

Audience Research

What is it? Audience research is the research of what kinds of audiences a product or service is targeting, this can be segmented into categories or age, gender, ethnicity, class and more, these categories helping companies to narrow down who they wish to target to better understand their clients, and therefore targeting a company’s product or services to a specific criteria.

Why is it important? Audience research is important as it informs decision making as it provides data and resoning behind certain decisions made to a product or service allowing for a higher chance of it being more successful. It ehnances the user experience by pro understanding how the targeted user may interact or use the service, overall achieving a more tailored product or service. Increases engagement by created a more targeted and relevant experience. Improves ROI (Return On Investment) by putting effort and money in the areas that are statistically proven.

What are some methods? Audience research, like many other types of research is carried out in 2 main ways:

Primary Research, this is carried out by you actively finding out information yourself in the forms of surveys and autobiographies, the downsides are that it would take quite some time and could be costly to get accurate results, the upsides being its tailored to your needs.

Secondary Research, this is the complete opposite of primary as your taking already available information from things such as online surveys and statistics, the downsides to this is the information may be unreliable, outdated and might not exactly fit your needs, the upsides being its cheaper and quite quick.

User Profile


Gender – The company doesn’t target a gender.

Age – E.ON Next targets home and business owners so the app will most certainly not be targeted to people under 18. though for this specific project, the brief only targets home owners.

Ethnicity – No specific ethnicity is targeted.

Earnings – E.ON Next targets a wide range of earning groups, hence why they have multiple tariff options to cater to their wide user base.

E.ON Next’s User Profile

Overall, E.ON Next has a very flexible user profile only targeting towards home and business owners, though for this specific project, the brief only targets home owners.

User Personas

Emma Tealeaf

Age: 32

Location: Manchester, UK

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Property: Owns a two-bedroom terraced house

Background: Emma is a marketing professional in a tech startup. She’s financially savvy and aims to start her own consultancy. Passionate about travel, hiking, and mindfulness. Interested in property investment and sustainability.

Shawn Bedonky

Age: 45

Location: Bristol, UK

Occupation: Plumber

Property: Owns a three-bedroom semi-detached house

Background: Sawn runs his own plumbing business. Single father to a teenager. Enjoys DIY projects, coaching football, and fishing. Prioritizes family, business growth, and saving for retirement.

Contextual Research

Design research

Designed by: Mikalai Haluza

Mikalai Haluza is a talented UI/UX designer based in Sydney, Australia, but he doesn’t let distance limit his reach. He works with clients globally, creating stunning designs that are both modern and simple through his expert use of colours and 3D elements. What sets him apart as an inspiration is his commitment to consistency, best practices, and accessible design. His ability to seamlessly integrate a brand’s identity into his work is impressive, resulting in designs that not only look great but also effectively communicate the brand’s message.

Designed by: Mikalai Haluza

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